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Water Damage

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It should go without saying that electrical gadgets and water don’t mix well.

Most of us know that we shouldn’t expose water to our gadgets, but that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. The truth is that dropping your mobile phone down the toilet or spilling a cup of coffee on your laptop are accidents that can happen really easily, with dire consequences. Water or liquid damage can cause all manner of problems with electrical equipment including stopping it from powering on altogether.  If you do expose a gadget to water then it can be easy to assume that all is lost, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

We offer highly effective water damage repairs which can often get a gadget back up and running in full working order.  So whether your smart phone has been splashed by liquid, damaged in the rain or you have a laptop that has been left in a damp place we are able to help. Our team have worked on many water damage repairs in the past which means we can be confident that we’ll be able to help. Here at The Mobile Repair Centre we’re able to offer liquid damage repairs on all sorts of brand names and gadget types including Samsung, Apple, HTC, Blackberry, LTC and much more!

If you have a smart phone, computer, tablet or other gadget that has been exposed to water and stopped working as it should then get in touch. Fill in as many details as you can below about the level of water exposure and the problems you are having and we’ll get back to you with a repair plan as quickly as we can.

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