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You won’t be tied down just to one network; you can pick and choose what network suits you best. Also when you are abroad you wont have to pay those ridiculous roaming charges, you will have the freedom of choosing what sim card to use in our phone.

What is a service provider (SP) lock? This is used by the networks to ensure that your phone will only work on one network; the one that you originally bought your phone from. If your phone is (SP) locked then it will not accept a SIM card from another network be it UK or abroad. Unlocking is the process of removing the SP lock so that it’s possible to use other SIM cards in your phone. 

Please note: By unlocking your handset we can ensure that the sim lock will be removed. We can not guarantee that your handset will be compatible with every sim card.

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We can unlock 99% of phones

Congratulations;Now you can use your phone on all networks!!!

Process breakdown

  • Bought a pay as u go and want to use different networks?
  • Got a spare phone left after upgrade taht needs to be unlocked?
  • Just bought a new phone that only works with one network?
  • Travelling overseas and need your handset to work abroad?


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