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Virus removal

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With the help of wide range of cellphone devices and smartphones, you can now carry a device which almost resemble like a computer in your pocket. The fact is that these high end cell phone devices people use come with few flaws. Unlike a PC or laptop, you are at risk to some of the lethal viruses and other malicious type of spyware waiting to wreck all havoc.

Despite going in a conscious way, you can have a virus in your application you download. Hence it is always recommended to have an updated antivirus installed which will help you to get away from the virus.

FoneGuru antivirus experts can install a highly functioning and updated antivirus on your phone and clean any viruses from your phone.

Moving forward, you however, need to keep antivirus updated on a regular basis which is quite easy and we can guide you with that.

Popular feature


Safeguard your personal data on your phones

A virus on your phone can not only make your phone not working properly but can also damage loads of valuable personal data on your phone

Process breakdown

  • We can install updated antivirus on your phone.
  • We can run our range of tools to detect and kill any virus on your phone.
  • We can recover your damaged files.
  • We can remove Netalpha Virus on your Android phones.


We accept your gadget

FoneGuru experts analyse, determine the root cause and give you a best price.


Diagnose and repair

FoneGuru skilled experts fix the issue and perform thorough testing.


You pick up your gadget

You receive a call from us to receive your gadget.

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