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Network Failure

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We are also experienced in network repairs and maintenance. Having your phone network go down for even a day can have a huge impact on the running of your day to day tasks and the longer it’s offline, the bigger your work load becomes. No need to spend hours on the borrowed phone to call a call centre representative and multiply your frustrations.

Come to our shop, and FoneGuru experts will repair your network and resolve your issue. Your mobile network will be up and running again in no time.

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A phone without network is a paper weight

We troubleshoot and fix your mobile network issues at a very competitive rate

Process breakdown

Types of network faults for problems with mobile phones

  • There is no network in the mobile phone.
  • There is less or weak network signal.
  • Sometimes there is signal and sometimes there is no network signal.
  • There is network signal for some time and then there is no signal at all.


We accept your gadget

FoneGuru experts analyse, determine the root cause and give you a best price.


Diagnose and repair

FoneGuru skilled experts fix the issue and perform thorough testing.


You pick up your gadget

You receive a call from us to receive your gadget.

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