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LCD repair / replacement

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Although we can buy screen protectors and cases for our gadgets, accidents do happen.

As technology has progressed our gadgets seem to have gotten thinner and smaller over the years, which can mean that they are broken much more easily too! One of the most common problems with mobile phones and tablets is a broken screen – in fact even just dropping your gadget once can cause the screen to be damaged on these! Sometimes you can get away with using your phone or tablet while the screen is cracked and just put up with an imperfect view, but that is not ideal!

Here at The Mobile Repair Centre we can replace all manner of screens and repair phones and tablets with these problems. We have a range of replacement screens in stock which means that for most phone brands and types we’re able to carry out a replacement quickly and hassle free. We also have contact with glass providers, so we can carry out repairs for almost any type of gadget.

If you have a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other gadget with a broken screen then get in touch to see what we can do for you. Whether the screen is just slightly scratched or completely smashed we’ll be able to help. We can even help if the damage is so bad that the touch screen element has stopped working too!

Want a repair carried out? Get in touch using the contact us form on this page and we’ll get back to you about your repair as soon as possible (usually the same day!)

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