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Data recovery

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Has your phone or tablet stopped working? Don’t panic, we can help!

FoneGuru was founded for one reason, to help people. We are the world leader in mobile phone data recovery, and one of the best in Australia at what we do.

First things first, please power off the phone and do not use it any longer to prevent further damage and to provide us with the best chance of getting your data back for you.

We specialize in recovering data from damaged or faulty Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy.

The main differences between what we do compared with cheaper phone repair shops are:

Your data is our focus, which means we do everything to ensure no data loss.

We get phone calls very often from people who told a phone repair shop they wanted their phone repaired mainly because they want their photos back.But the phone repair shop fixes the phone, and loses all data. We always focus on getting your important data back in a safe and professional way. Some phone repair shops may repair your phone, but you may lose all your data permanently (even if you told them very clearly you want your data back and you do not have any backup)

We don’t give up! We put in a massive amount of time and effort.
Most phone repair shops may do some very basic level repairs, such as changing the battery or screen, but we are highly skilled and equipped with the latest technology available. If a job is too hard, phone repair shops will give up and tell you it’s impossible. We won’t! We’ll treat it like it was our phone and put in an extreme level of effort and time. We won’t stop until we get your photos, videos and other files back.

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