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Battery charging / replacement

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Many people around the world own cell phones and use them as a convenient means of communication. Talking and texting are only two of the many uses for a cell phone: they can also take photos, browse the Internet, download data, provide a mobile hotspot, assist users with navigation, and supply a list of important contact emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Depending on their capabilities, cell phones may enable users to video chat, play games, watch movies or television, listen to music, set an alarm, calculate figures, and record important dates and appointments. In order to perform all of these tasks, a cell phone requires a battery that needs to be recharged periodically to keep the phone adequately powered. Certain media-intensive activities such as watching a television episode or streaming music will drain the battery faster than a simple phone call of the same duration can.

Eventually, the battery will wear out and will no longer be able to maintain a sufficient charge for everyday functions. At this point, users will need to purchase a brand-new phone or find a replacement battery.

FoneGuru provide brand-new with warranty batteries for all phone types. We select the best replacement battery for your phone model and install it properly in your phone.

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